Sometimes life just gets too hectic and you need to be able to count on the team at the Drop Zone to help smooth your day. We are delighted to give you full service to make your life — and your weight loss journey — simple and easy!

Here are just some of the ways we’re here for you!

  • Recognized as one of Canada’s elite weight loss centres.
  • A warm, inviting environment with friendly knowledgeable staff. We have comfy chairs, Nespresso coffee. And, easy parking! Fill your water bottle with filtered water from our Berkey system!
  • You can join our exclusive DZ rewards club to accumulate ‘punches’  equivalent to 2% cash back. Plus, you can earn 2 punches free when you join the rewards club. 
  • We carry full range of Ideal Protein products. if you are in a hurry you can call in your order & pay over the phone by credit card. We’ll gather your order, process payment and have it ready at the front desk for pick up. Hey, we’ll even run it out to your car, so there’s no delay! We are open until 5:30.
  • We offer recipes and recipe suggestions online and on-site. Taste Testing/Sample days. We make food & drink recipes on site, and offering samples. How yummy is that?
  • We offer private coaching sessions, tailored to your needs… personalized one-on-one support (including texting support) with your coach. We document your progress by taking and archiving photographs of your weight loss journey. Includes in-depth lifestyle education designed to promote long-term success.
  • Drop Zone has the only high-quality Body Composition Monitors in the area Tanita body composition monitors capture your body composition data, from start to finish. See your results with accurate, scientific data right in your hand! By using different frequencies, an even higher accuracy of measurements can be achieved. Learn more!
  • Start bags with everything you need to get going.
  • A wide variety of diabetic friendly & gluten free products as well as superior quality “beyond organic” wheatgrass touted as “sunlight in a glass.” Full array low carb condiments and recipes to enhance the program including quality supplements and selection of collagen products.
  • We offer group and family specials. Come by or call in for more information.
  • medically designed weight loss approach that is safe and effective. In fact, it’s personally used & recommended by local MD’s. We are more than happy and able to work in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations.
  • “Lunch & Learn” sessions by appointment. We will go to your location, provide samples & a brief overview of the program. Group rates could apply.
  • We offer client referral bonuses and ongoing specials to enhance the program.