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Weight Loss, Management & Lifestyle Coach, Vernon

“The Ideal Protein Weight loss Method is a gift that has changed my life. Not only have I seen the benefits this program has provided my clients, I have experienced it myself. I love the idea of ‘lifestyle change’ that not only makes a difference to the individual, but for their families as well. My family, having been affected by ALS, has made me not only a staunch supporter of the cause but also more aware of how precious good health is. It gives me purpose to help others achieve their goals and support them in their weight loss journey. Making a difference in someone’s life is my motivation as a coach here at Drop Zone.”

Michelle has lived in the North Okanagan-Shuswap her entire life. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys camping & hiking. Being a mom and eager to portray a healthy lifestyle she is dedicated to eating well, fitness and weight training. With a desire to achieve her personal best Michelle worked hard to sculpt her body. Wanting to experience what her clients would encounter on our protocol she asked to participate in a 4 week program. Much to her surprise, she was AMAZED at how losing only 10 lbs and 3% of her body fat revealed her muscle tone, taking her from slim to toned.