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The Journey Begins
“It’s fantastic when you read a weight loss success story, but do you know what’s even better? When you can celebrate your own success by writing your own story. All my life I’ve struggled with my weight, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to a coach at Drop Zone Weight Loss that my life of yo-yo and crash dieting finally ended. I had heard great things about this meal plan and Drop Zone’s personalized coaching through a friend who’d had their own success with this program. I’ve lost over 185 pounds now and my coach has been with me every step of the way offering support and invaluable advice.”

53.2 Pounds Lost!
What started me on this success story was a scare with my health. I had injured my knee over 10 years ago, and since that injury, I watched as my weight spiraled out of control. My additional weight caused stomach issues, lack of energy, and shortness of breath. A further injury to my knee last August had me walking with a cane. I had only been on the program for two weeks when this occurred. It was then that I made the decision to be 100% committed to this program.


100.4 Pounds Lost!
Thanks to my personal coach, the Ideal Protein meal plan, and Drop Zone's Weight Loss protocol, I was able to get my quality of life back and it’s the most incredible feeling ever! In addition to my 185-pound weight loss overall, I’ve also dropped 135 total inches, and I’ve even retired my cane! Prior to taking this wonderful journey, I was looking at needing knee replacement surgery within a couple of years. As a result of losing this substantial amount of weight, becoming more active and increasing my range of motion, my surgery has now been postponed and may very well not be needed….at least not anytime soon. Words I never thought I’d hear!


125.4 Pounds Lost!
I have finally taken control of my life and developed a healthy relationship with food and my eating habits. I am getting closer to my goal weight and with my coach's guidance I have made this a permanent lifestyle change. I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, support, and motivation throughout this program. I am really looking forward to having her there with me when I cross the finish line! I know losing the weight is only the first step and I am prepared to work hard at managing my health and taking control of my life forever. Words can’t express how excited I am to enjoy the new me!


185+ Pounds Lost!!
I did it!  And I know with the coaching support Drop Zone offers you can too. I hope I’ve inspired you to take this journey because to feel this way is SO WORTH IT!!

Sincerely yours,

Michele G.

* Individual results may vary.