I am proud of myself

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With the help of Ideal Protein and Drop Zone, I have lost 109 lbs so far, which is AMAZING, but it is the things I’ve gained that I treasure the most.

I have gained the ability to shop in any store I want, go whitewater rafting, fly on a plane without taking up 2 seats or ask for a seat belt extender. I can walk up and down stairs without my knees hurting, freely eat in a restaurant without wondering who is watching me and for the first time in my life, kids can wrap their arms around me and hug me.

I see the world as it is meant to be, and not from that dark place hidden within fear, shame, and embarrassment. I am proud of myself, I love myself. I am happy.

Thank you Drop Zone and Ideal Protein, for helping me loose the negative me, and find the life I am meant to live!

~ Lisa M.