The Tale of Two Sisters

Decked out with thrift store decor, a tape measure and a donated laptop computer two sisters set out to change the world.

Little did they know when setting up shop on a little round table, in the corner of a local fitness center, that it was the start of something big...

2011 proved to be a pivotal year in the lives of these two single moms. After returning from a Disneyland vacation where they had spent the majority of their time pounding the pavement, standing in lineups and eating unhealthy foods, they discovered that it didn’t “feel” like the happiest place on earth.

Being overweight and orbiting the magical age of “50”, the aches and pains were grim reminders of the toll the excess weight had put on their bodies. It was a wake-up call that served to remind them that their youth and vitality was slipping away.

Sandy returned to her art studio hiding her body under a paint smock. Shelley went back to her job, enduring long hours on her feet. Each felt and looked much older than their years,  concerned about their health and unable to keep up with work and kids.  The lifestyles were very different but the challenges the same.


Determined to get a handle on their weight, the weeks following their vacation were spent implementing pieces and parts of everything they’d ever learned about dieting, eating right and exercise. The results were slim to none and they eventually lost hope and returned to their old eating habits. Having run out of ideas and options, they confessed “it was a scary moment when we actually considered resigning ourselves to being “comfy mommas” and just letting ourselves go. We laughed about it, but knew it really wasn’t funny.”

In November of that year, having heard about Ideal Protein from a friend, Sandy became intrigued with the science behind the program and was convinced she wanted to give it a try. Shelley – desperate for a solution, but skeptical and tight on cash, caved into the pressure and the two sisters set off on their last weight loss journey.

Having lived a life of yo-yo dieting and turnstile weight loss programs, all promising to be “the one”, it only took 2 weeks for Sandy & Shelley to realize that they had stumbled upon something uniquely different with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss method.

Once people started noticing the transformation and sharing their own stories the sisters knew that although they hadn’t been looking for a business, one had found them. If they could be successful on this program, they knew it would definitely work for others with similar struggles.

Drop Zone opened their flagship centre in Salmon Arm in 2011 followed by a second location in Vernon in 2014. The dedicated team has supported clients from numerous Thompson/Okanagan communities amassing a weight loss total in excess of 45,000 pounds in the first 5 years of business!