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61,666 lbs

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Becky M.

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Testimonial Quote

I have always yo-yo’d with my weight. I tried many different diet plans from magazines and TV shows, but my results went up and down, up and down and I just got frustrated. I knew I need help because being overweight was like being handicapped, I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. Today, thanks to Drop Zone, I’ve lost 60 pounds, I have lots of energy and am back to riding my horses. I feel great!

~ Kathy B.

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Good for the guys

“As a full-time photographer, I am a pretty visually driven guy - and that applies to personal appearance as well. Last winter, office work got the better of me and I found myself slouched behind a desk in edit mode for far too long. After talking with a Drop Zone coach, I launched into the program and was amazed by the hunger-free results.  At the end of Month One, I lost 20 pounds; by the end of Month Two, I was down 30 pounds. It was exactly the head start I needed! Thanks Coach!”  ~ Craig Pulsifer

Doctor’s Testimonial


“As a health practitioner, I see the adverse effects of obesity such as diabetes & hypertension on a daily basis. I have referred numerous patients to Drop Zone and have witnessed medically beneficial results. I have confidence in the health benefits of the Ideal Protein program. I am continually impressed by the support my patients receive and the educational component provided by the knowledgeable staff. Drop Zone Weight Loss is a business our community can be proud of.” *

* Individual results may vary.

Cool Tools: Bioimpedance Analysis

Weightloss is the means, but health is the goal.  It is essential not to lose the wrong kind of weight.  The human body is made up of water, muscle, bone and fats. Drop Zone offers systematic Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) - a scientific and empirical method of assessing a person's body fat in relation to lean body mass. This is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment.  ...read more