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Weight Loss Coach, Vernon

“Working at Drop Zone as a Health and Wellness Coach, I have the incredible privilege of witnessing the amazing transformations that our clients go through, not only in shedding excess weight, but also in finding a new found energy and freedom of body and soul! It is an honor to be a part of this intimate journey with another. It is my desire to be there for you as well, because you deserve to live your life healthy, strong and purposefully!”

Olgie was born in Argentina and moved to Vernon when she was 4 years old. Having struggled with weight gain, poor self image and an unhealthy relationship with food since her teen years, she understands firsthand how devastating it can be to our physical and emotional wellbeing. She tried a variety of unhealthy diets that helped her lose weight, but lasting success eluded her! On her journey of becoming healthy and strong in body and mind her life was transformed! This in turn motivates and fuels her passion as a counselor and coach to support others in attaining health and wellness in their lives.